Microsoft Dynamics Product Brochures

ERP and CRM Solution Descriptions and Details

Our detailed product brochures provide an excellent introduction to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications, key features, and the business advantages that each provides. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM BrochureMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service
World-class customer experiences start with your people. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software arms your customer service professionals with a customer service and support solution that combines the power of productivity with ease of use. Users can take advantage of a wealth of features like case management, workflows, dashboards, and knowledge management right within the Microsoft Outlook client so they can work in a way that is natural and personal to deliver consistent, fast, and efficient service.

Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP BrochureTop 10 Reasons to Purchase Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive ERP solution that goes beyond basic business management and reporting to help your people - and your organization - work at peak performance. Whether you are outgrowing entry-level accounting software, rubber-banding an outdated legacy solution or simply tired of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides little to no value for your money - see why Dynamics GP may be the right choice for you.

Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare BrochureMicrosoft Dynamics for Healthcare
Delivering high-quality care may be the number one priority for healthcare providers, but finding ways to reduce costs has become the number one imperative. The key lies in finding ways to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiency, increase productivity, and improve decision-making.

Microsoft Dynamics for Non-Profit (NFP) BrochureMicrosoft Dynamics for Not-for-Profits
Successful management of a not-for-profit organization is as demanding as it is detailed. Meticulous reporting practices and careful administration of operating expenses and cash flow are essential for meeting regulatory compliance.


Microsoft Dynamics and Management Reporter BrochureManagement Reporter
With Management Reporter, you can create boardroom-quality reports without IT assistance; use enhanced XBRL capabilities to get updated instance documents by simply changing a date; and take advantage of secure report distribution and storage through the centralized Report Library.

Supply Chain Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP BrochureDynamics GP Supply Chain Management
The more insight you have into your supply chain, the better your customer service, cost-effectiveness, and profitability. For example, with the real-time visibility Microsoft Dynamics GP can give you into sales data, inventory levels, and shipment schedules, you can have more confidence in your ability to adapt to and precisely meet customer demands.

Project Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP BrochureDynamics GP Project Accounting
Project Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP connects project activities with company financials, provides extensive reporting capabilities, helps ensure accurate accounting and billing processes throughout project life cycles, and streamlines time and expense management. It empowers your people by giving them easy access to the key project information and templates they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Job Costing in Microsoft Dynamics GP BrochureDynamics GP Job Costing
To maximize the profitability of your business, you need accurate, current, and easy-to-access data about every costing detail related to a job. Job Costing in Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers this functionality to manufacturers by capturing all costs when they occur and consolidating them in one location that is easy to access and manage - delivering a comprehensive view of production profitability.

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