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Dynamics GP on the Cloud

Move your systems to the cloud and see how you can increase productivity while connecting users around the world.

Managing your electronic banking is key to increasing your productivity. With Dynamics GP you will be able to make transfers and payments without worrying about them.
Microsoft Customer Source Optimize Dynamics with Customer Source

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Source is an information-packed, password-protected site for Dynamics customers. Watch this webinar to learn how Customer Source will help you reduce support costs, learn at your convenience, and broaden your understanding of Dynamics.
Microsoft Dynamics 1099 Process Get Ready for Your 1099s with Dynamics

Create electronic files for the IRS, print recipient copies with Greenshades Forms, manage multiple payment boxes and box minimums, populate data from Dynamics GP or SL, add and combine external payment information, edit 1099 fields before submission, use automatic combination and "roll-up" features.
Microsoft Dynamics Year End Close Year-End Close Procedures

Are you worried about the steps, reports, and documents you need to process? MIG can get you through these despite the constant change of requirements: Tips and Tricks in Dynamics GP, Receivables and Payables Management, Fixed Assets Management, Payroll Checklist, General Ledger, and more.
Microsoft Dynamics Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Forecaster and Management Reporter are financial reporting applications for Microsoft Dynamics that allows you to better understand the impact of your organization's current and future plans and many other features.
Not for Profit Membership and Donation Management Not-for-Profit Membership and Donation Management

Give your members access to their information anytime, anywhere. Know who your members are connected to and what they are saying about you with Social Enterprise functionality. Easily manage the system with flexible framework and drag & drop configuration and the ability to extend the system while preserving the upgrade path.
Not for Profit Year End Close Not-for-Profit Year-End Closing Procedures

Find out how to leverage Microsoft Dynamics to make fiscal year-end procedures run as smoothly as possible for nonprofit organizations. Topics covered will include: Tips & Tricks for Not-for-Profits, Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures, How to Close Subledgers Properly and Best Practices.
Microsoft Dynamics Requisition, Procurement, Purchasing Requisition, Procurement and Purchasing

Are you looking for the means to quickly reduce purchasing transaction costs and rein in maverick spending? Introducing a solution that will help you deal with requisition entry, check request, PO generation, budget compliance, invoice matching, and more.
Microsoft Dynamics Post Convergence Post Microsoft Convergence 2013 Recap

Microsoft Convergence 2013 is the premier event for the Microsoft Dynamics Customer and Partner business community. We will get you up-to-speed on the latest developments for your Microsoft solutions, including a live demo of Dynamics GP 2013, and explore the upcoming features for the future.
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics

Have you heard the buzz around marketing automation? Today, customers are in control. But when they do interact with companies they expect more relevant, personal and timely communications than ever before. To deliver this more personalized experience, marketers must let consumer behavior be their guide and they must embrace marketing automation in order to do so efficiently.
Microsoft Dynamics Security and Audit Tools Security and Audit Tools with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Assigning security, analyzing access, monitoring segregation of duties risks and target system changes are on-going challenges for users of Dynamics GP. It's time to start looking at a solution that will drastically decrease time spent looking at Excel spreadsheets and other features.
Replace FRx Part 1: Business Intelligence Replace FRx Part 1: Business Intelligence

Are you looking for a replacement for FRx to take your reporting to the next level?
If you are going to have to make a change... shouldn't you get more than a move backward or a basic 1:1 replacement?
Learn how you can help your organization increase productivity, insight and informed decisions and decrease manual keying and inaccuracies.
Replace FRx Part 2: Management Reporter Replace FRx Part 2: Management Reporter

Are you looking for a replacement for FRx to take your reporting to the next level? Introducing Management Reporter 2012
for Microsoft Dynamics: a powerful financial reporting solution that helps you achieve greater visibility across your organization.
Workflow Automation and Document Management Workflow Automation and Document Management

Are you still shuffling paper, printing emails, filing documents and searching for them in giant metal cabinets?
If your answer is yes, then you won't want to miss our Document and Document Management webcast!
Chart of Accounts Simplify Your Chart of Accounts

Is your chart of accounts getting out of control?
Microsoft Dynamics can enable you to simplify your chart of accounts while maintaining or even increasing the level of detail for analysis. Learn how the suitability of your chart of accounts greatly impacts the ease with which you can generate financial reports.
Advanced-Revenue-and-Expense-Deferrals.jpg Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals

Want complete control over the timing of sub-ledger and GL recognition postings? Would creating deferrals by line item for schedule building save you hours of processing time? Learn how ARED can help you achieve this and more.
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