Distribution, Transportation and Shipping Accounting

Distribution Accounting
Distributors of all kinds are under pressure to optimize the processes of acquisition, inventory management, warehousing, sales, and of course, distribution. MIG delivers flexible solutions to these needs that enable distributors to improve sales, margins, and customer satisfaction.
Maintain tight control over distribution and streamline your pick/pack/ship cycle to gain a competitive advantage. From forecasting to delivery, MIG can help you accelerate sales order processes and lower costs per transaction by implementing solutions from Microsoft Dynamics. These fully integrated solutions empower you to better manage inventory, fill orders faster, and even provide ecommerce services.
Designed for multi-departmental workflow, our solutions deliver comprehensive sales order processing and invoicing capabilities, receivables and inventory management, and multicurrency management. Streamline critical business processes to save time and money, making your business more profitable.
MIG's integrated shipping solutions will enable you to:
  • Effectively manage your budget and reduce costs.
  • Ship packages faster through complete automation of all shipping processes and seamless integration with existing applications, saving time and money.
  • Cut shipping costs with automatic rate comparisons.
  • Improve accuracy and save time by reducing manual data entry. Accuracy is also improved by quick and easy access to precise and up to date information.
  • Maintain carrier compliance with easy application of carrier rate changes.
  • Reduce additional charges and vendor charge-backs with address validation and vendor-compliant labels.


  • Knowledge, Insight, Power

    Dynamics for Distribution

    Industrial Distributors must always use every advantage to improve operations, reduce costs and ultimately increase returns for stakeholders.

  • ERP Case Study

    Microsoft Dynamics

    As the NRDC grew, it maintained a patchwork of disconnected IT applications that increased the burden on the accounting department.The NRDC sought to overcome these challenges by implementing a single financial-management solution that would eliminate paper-laden, manual processes.


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