Healthcare Accounting Software

Healthcare Accounting
MIG delivers healthcare management solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics that we specifically tailor to manage hospitals, private practices, and long-term care providers. We can streamline and facilitate the exchange of information between physicians, office staff, insurance companies, and patients. And the more efficient our clients are with communication and billing, the faster our clients get paid.
Perhaps more important than timely billing is long-term growth. Our tools empower you to identify key areas for potential growth and provide you with the reports and analytics necessary to put your data to its best use in terms of forecasting and planning for the future.

MIG has been working with organizations in the healthcare industry for years, and our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions will enable you to:  
  • Track and manage voluminous information such as patient medical histories. Access to information needs to be quick and easy for those with the appropriate permissions, so that medical decisions can be made in a timely manner.
  • Effectively budget and manage expenses. Accurately forecast future needs such as medical supplies and allocate funds accordingly.
  • Identify your customers and potential customers and develop a marketing strategy. Managing and tracking patent history data can help you develop that strategy.
  • Track and manage training for your staff to keep them up to date on proper certifications. Stay on top of new regulations or new procedures. Assign and track training tasks for staff.


  • Dynamics for Healthcare

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    Dynamics for healthcare

    Collaborative Healthcare solutions from Microsoft and its partners are already transforming the way healthcare is delivered at hospitals, clinics, and integrated healthcare systems around the globe.

  • ERP Case Study

    Microsoft Dynamics

    As the NRDC grew, it maintained a patchwork of disconnected IT applications that increased the burden on the accounting department.The NRDC sought to overcome these challenges by implementing a single financial-management solution that would eliminate paper-laden, manual processes.

  • Are you paying too much for ERP?

    Centralized Accounting

    The question is: How can investment in ERP create value today? Many companies are reconsidering how to transform their investments in ERP from a sunk cost to a foundation for innovation.

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