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Maximize operational efficiency, effectively manage growing data storage, and stay on top of regulatory compliance. Our solutions deliver the key functionality needed for your operations, including cost center management, division of interest (DOI), joint venture billing, authorization for expenditure (AFE), and gross and net reporting, while enabling real-time insight into your organization’s financial data.
Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools give you the ability to capture, manage, and share all upstream and downstream data in an end-to-end business management solution. MIG delivers solutions that enable you to:
  • Track accurate lot/serialized information: put information at your people's fingertips, so they waste no time trying to locate anything.
  • Track test results and activate controls. Automatic database updates and easy analysis of results enable your people to be more efficient and to identify problems early.
  • Stay on top of current environmental regulations.
  • Track your permits, approvals, and certificates as soon as they are available. Don't lose any days of work to unnecessary administrative delays.
  • Track off-shore costs for more accurate budgeting. If you are purchasing from various locations, you won't have to worry about losing track of expenses and going over budget.
  • Market your product effectively to increase your sales.
  • Track your investors and better predict your budget.


  • Top 10 Reasons to Choose GP

    Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

    Beyond basic business management and reporting to help your people and organization work at peak performance.

  • ERP Case Study

    Microsoft Dynamics

    As the NRDC grew, it maintained a patchwork of disconnected IT applications that increased the burden on the accounting department.The NRDC sought to overcome these challenges by implementing a single financial-management solution that would eliminate paper-laden, manual processes.

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MIG is a reseller of accounting software and business management systems. MIG specializes in Microsoft Dynamics software implementations – Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Dynamics SL (Solomon), and Dynamics CRM to streamline your processes and maximize productivity.