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Professional service providers face the challenge of selling intangible products that can be difficult to quantify and that are ever-changing. To be profitable, you have to ensure that projects are estimated correctly and completed on time, while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Whether you provide services in accounting, advertising, architecture, consulting, engineering, IT, legal, or research, maintaining a consistent flow of well-managed projects is your top priority.

MIG delivers business and project management solutions that empower you to manage projects more efficiently, comply with regulations and reporting requirements, and improve internal communication. Your business will thrive when your people have the ability to quickly see and share data, make informed decisions, and collaborate more effectively.

MIG offers an array of Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions, including Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. MIG can implement seamlessly integrated  project tools that enable the following:
  • Resource Management/Allocation: reduce wasted time and allocate your resources for maximum efficiency.
  • Granular Budget Control: take complete control of your budget and track accurate real-time budget data for each project.
  • Demand Planning: make accurate forecasts based on past performance and demand.
  • Time and Expense Reporting: streamline employees' ability to report time and expense data so they can spend more time getting projects done and less time on administrative tasks.
  • Reduced Data Entry: when your systems are integrated, data is shared, decreasing duplicate data entry and errors.
  • Enterprise Portfolio Visibility & Team Collaboration: enable your team to access, edit, and collaborate on documents without having to email them back and forth.
  • Centralized Project Documentation: reduce duplicate documentation and make it easy for your people to find the documents they need.
MIG also offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. After all, once you've got your projects managed like a well-oiled machine, your relationships with clients will strengthen and your organization's reputation will soar. To maximize the value of your referrals, opportunities, and customer bids, your marketing and sales people will rely on CRM automation and tools.

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP Professional Services Overview

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    Microsoft Dynamics Professional ServicesThis white paper addresses the financial and resource management pain points that professional services organizations (PSOs) currently face. It focuses on the benchmarks that PSOs can use to improve their management capabilities and how business applications can help PSOs achieve their goals, including streamlining their businesses, increasing operating margins, and meeting the challenges posed by today’s fast-paced global marketplace.

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