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MIG & Co. provides professional services in all aspects of your business management software, whether you are looking for software consulting or development, or considering an upgrade.

It is important that your software consultants understand your business needs along with the technical aspects of your accounting software. MIG consultants have business experience that enables them to understand your business challenges and how to best overcome them with your software solutions.

Below are some of the many services we offer new and current customers:
MIG consultants will assess the gaps between your organization's current performance and its potential or desired performance, then recommend the solutions or upgrades that best fill those gaps within your budget.
Need help improving your business processes with innovative software solutions? MIG consultants will analyze your business processes for areas of improvement, and recommend solutions that will increase efficiency and streamline work flows.
Your solution needs to be configured to fulfill your specific business requirements and to facilitate the activities that are most important to your organization. MIG will configure your solution to match your organization's goals.
Changing software solutions? Don't want to lose all that valuable historical data? Whether your new solution is on-premise or in the cloud, MIG consultants will convert your data into the appropriate format for your new systems, then import it so that your organization can proceed seamlessly.
Looking for custom solutions to fit your unique needs? MIG consultants have the programming knowledge and skills to develop systems or functionality to meet whatever requirements you have.
Looking to upgrade or implement a new solution? Don't forget to verify that your systems can support the solution. You don't want to purchase a new solution and begin implementation, only to find out that you need more resources. MIG consultants can test your system infrastructure before going live, and then test application configurations for optimal use by your typical business processes after going live.
MIG consultants can integrate your disparate systems so that they work together and share updated data seamlessly.  There are various methods for integrating software systems, and we will evaluate your current business processes and systems to recommend the best integration option for your organization.
MIG offers enterprise-wide financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation solutions. We can create and customize reports for you that extend far beyond your general ledger, providing comprehensive solutions with bottom-up budgeting, write-back, drill-down, and many other capabilities

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MIG Training

Get customized training sessions for your employees on your accounting software! Make sure your investment is getting the best use.

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