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Dynamics SL Project Accounting / Job Costing

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a project-focused ERP solution specifically designed for project-driven organizations, so most of its project accounting and job costing functionality is already present in the Financial Management series of modules. This is all the project management most businesses will need, but Microsoft Dynamics SL also offers specialized project management capabilities in its Advanced Management Edition.

The following project management modules come with the Advanced Management Edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL:

  • Project Allocator: Create flexible, multi-tiered hierarchies to reflect the spectrum of labor rates and billing structures you need to have precise control over project finances. Automatically allocate charges and revenues, account for work in progress, transfer or consolidate transactions, and record accurate data for billing and posting to general ledger accounts.
  • Project Controller: Make even low-margin projects profitable by giving project managers accurate and easily digestible information they need to take control of project revenue and expenses.
  • Flexible Billings: Convert unbilled receivables more quickly to revenues. Streamline invoicing with automatic generation, formatting, and submission of drafts for approval.
  • Analyzer: Easy access to comprehensive project performance and profitability data that will improve business decision-making. Collect and summarize data for key metrics, presented in intuitive and practical formats.

In addition, the following modules are available a la carte for the Advanced Management Edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL:

  • Project Budgeting: Track your budgeting process over the life of a project, and view the impact of budget changes on profitability.
  • Time and Expense for Projects: Accurate, up-to-date information on your labor, project, and travel-related expenses.
  • Employee Utilization: Track personnel availability, billable time, revenues, and employee utilization.
  • Contract Management: Streamline time-consuming contract management tasks and subcontractor interactions. Tighetn control over change orders, document tracking, and subcontractor disbursements.
  • Communicator: Automated alerts that keep you informed of pending deadlines, required approvals, changes in costs, and eroding margins.

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