Data Conversion and Migration does not have to be a tiresome process

When organizations outgrow their antiquated business management systems and switch to new systems, or upgrade their systems to the latest versions, they need to ensure that their historical data makes the move with them. During the time that you have been using your old business management software, you have recorded and saved a great deal of information, such as account details and invoices. All that data needs to be migrated, or moved over, to the new system so that your organization can proceed seamlessly.

MIG & Co. can convert virtually any data into a workable format for your new solution. We can then import it into the solution so that you can still access your valuable historical data. The most common data conversions are from AS400 systems, but we also handle other mainframe systems, or small accounting systems such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. Data migration eliminates the need for manual re-entry of all of your vendor and customer information.

In addition to converting and migrating your data, we also perform data migration testing. This ensures that the data will transfer correctly and can be accessed properly. You don’t want your employees to be missing information on customers’ orders halfway through conversations with them. You want to be sure that when your new accounting management software is up and running, your historical data is up and running with it.

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