Dynamics SL Management/Accounting for all Financial Needs

As a robust ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) is designed to provide your project-driven organization with a host of core financial management capabilities which include General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Currency Manager, and Multi-Company.

The Advanced Management edition, however, comes with a wider range of specialized financial management modules.

The financial management tools in Microsoft Dynamics SL give you accounting solutions that can easily be customized to your organization’s specific requirements.

You’ll get the comprehensive business information you need, the way you need it, enabling you to make sound, timely business decisions. You’ll keep your sensitive business data secure, while still ensuring that that data is readily available to those who need it.

The following financial management components come with the Business Essentials Edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL:

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General Ledger

Capture and analyze the financial data you need to make your best business decisions with flexible, integrated functionality that maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of your accounting processes.

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Accounts Receivable

Easy access to detailed information and flexible, integrated reporting enable you to actively manage your customer accounts and identify problems before they occur. 

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Accounts Payable

Keep accurate information at the ready on money owed, due dates, and available discounts with tools that enable you to take advantage of terms and discounts, predict cash requirements, and monitor payments so that they are made only once.
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Bank Reconciliation

Automate and simplify your bank reconciliation process to reduce paperwork, eliminate tedious administrative tasks, and help ensure accuracy.

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Monitor, analyze, and report on multiple companies or functional divisions within your organization. You can set up multiple companies in one or more databases, and you can run processes, close books, and report results by company or in a consolidated company.
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Currency Manager

If your organization deals with more than one currency, or plans to in the future, Currency Manager enables you to track exchange rate fluctuations, determine possible gains and losses for transactions in a another currency, and maximize global business profits.

In addition, the following module is available in the Advanced Management Edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL, or a la carte:

hierarchical-structure-1 Dynamics SL Financial Management / Accounting

Cash Manager

Instant access to your current cash balance and automated bank reconciliation take the guesswork out of cash accounting. Fully integrated so that Cash Manager is automatically updated when batches are released by other Microsoft Dynamics SL modules.

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