Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Supply Chain Management Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions Great Plains (GP) is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers unparalleled supply chain management.

Designed with a user-friendly interface and robust array of features, Dynamics GP can help you optimize distribution and streamline your supply chain to give you a competitive advantage.

Microsoft GP – An Advanced Dynamic ERP Platform

Increasingly, businesses are expanding beyond the boundaries of domestic markets and geographies. In order to manage various aspects of their expanding supply chain, businesses use multiple and customized applications which include sales, billing, accounting, and project management. Because these applications are disparate and are not 100% interoperable, standardization is a major challenge.

For this reason, process optimization is not possible leading to bottlenecks and fragmented decision making. Transitioning to a powerful ERP software solution such as Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions Great Plains (GP) delivers two important advantages to businesses. These include:

  • Optimization of supply chain management.
  • Application of an integrated solution capable of bringing together multiple supply chain functions under one centralized platform.

As a result, you gain a 360-degree view of your business which enables the top leadership to take accurate, timely, and data driven decisions.

Optimize Your Entire Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with powerful reporting and scheduling capabilities which can help you optimize your entire supply chain management by driving logistics efficiencies in the following ways:

  • Helps simplify purchasing and receiving processes.
  • Provides accurate and real-time intelligence into what your customers want in the present, and to plan for future demand.
  • Streamlines your inventory without worrying about meeting potential demand needs.
  • Arms you with data and tools that enhance buying/procurement decisions and negotiation terms.
  • Boosts customer service and helps you build on robust customer relationships in the present and future.


The following financial management components
come with MS Dynamics GP:


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Purchase Order Processing/Receiving

Using Great Plains Purchase Order Processing, you can benefit from controlled spending while optimizing business practices and processes and enabling improved access to accurate information that can help enhance buying decisions.

Buying decisions and the purchasing process across industry types suffers from process inefficiencies that can create backlogs and lead to inventory challenges that can effectively drive up costs.

Purchase Order Processing however, has been designed to address all these pressing challenges and inefficiencies by streamlining and optimizing activities and tasks, by enhancing productivity of employees, and removing inefficiencies which create backlogs and inventory challenges.

Furthermore, the solution can drive up profitability since overheads on purchasing activities is effectively controlled and reduced.
Purchase Order Processing allows the use of drop shipments for directly shipping orders from vendor to business customer. Upon the arrival of goods, line items can be easily received against a variety of outstanding purchase orders – all in a single transaction.

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Sales Order Processing

Dynamic GP Sales Order Processing is designed to serve as an extensive and broad-based ordering and invoicing tool.

Regardless of your business requirements, the flexibility of the sales order processing tool allows customized process controls to meet your business needs effectively. And with transaction entry more streamlined and optimized, business sales will get a boost without pushing up costs. So, you and your customers can benefit from reduced costs.

And with multi-departmental order processing workflow sales order processing, you can track quotes, invoices, orders and back orders, and better manage discounts for different items individually and on partial shipments.

You can go ahead and create sales order processes that not only highly effective, but also efficient via unlimited document type IDs as well as diverse process holds, and clearly defined business rules. These can then be effectively applied to your orders, quotes, invoices, back orders, and return.

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Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing

Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing enables managing of order to fulfillment process with greater accuracy thereby optimizing customer service. In addition, the tool enables improved fulfillment tracking and invoicing and substantial reduction in shipping and labor costs.

Business sales get a boost since sales order processing with advanced invoicing helps optimize the sales with discount management, tracking of online sales, drop shipping, sales quantity status, and faster delivery with multiple ship-to addressing as well as inventory allocation from different sites for a single order.

In essence – you can customize the different stages of the sales cycle to fit your business requirements.

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Dynamic GP Invoicing optimizes your entire invoicing system by enhancing both inventory and customer accounts via improved flow of invoices and returns.

Designed with a single-window invoice processing system delivers full control over your complete invoicing platform. However, if you are using the Sales Order Processing module, then you will not the Invoicing tool particularly effective.

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Landed Cost

Landed cost which functions along with Purchase Order Processing and Inventory Control modules helps by delivering accurate estimates of procured material costs. Landed costs is the extra additional costs incurred while purchasing a product and can include items such as duties or freight costs on purchases from a different country.

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PO Generator

Using the Great Plains Automated Purchase Order (PO) Generator, you can create purchase orders with specific predefined rules – these can then be adjusted or changed to Purchase Order Processing for replenishment.

However, if you want to make use of the Automated Purchase Order Generator, then you need to use the Inventory Control and Purchase Order Processing tools.

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Inventory Control

Inventory Control module allows you to apply ABC analysis, pricing, and cycle counting to improve quantity tracking, costs and prices, and simplifies the process of adjusting prices as well as other product details. This module as a sub-ledger component of Great Plains, also enables easy inventory monitoring to align with your business requirements and can seamlessly integrate with your General Ledger.

In addition, Inventory Control provides greater flexibility when it comes to multiple pricing options as well as for the unit of measure pricing, and customer-level pricing which means pricing does not have to be generalized – you can create different pricing structures for different clients.

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Requisition Management

The Requisition Management tool allows you to go ahead and order necessary materials required to run the business without having to worry about bulky paperwork or constantly seeking important approvals. In other words, your business can benefit from reduced paperwork and automated approval processes for purchasing.

Users across your business can easily enter or access and approve purchase requisitions busing the Dynamics GP WebClient Portal.

By creating a system of flexible approvals which include line-item level approval, and by enabling role-based access to necessary information and processes, your purchasing process can benefit from greater transparency, improved visibility at different levels, and better control.

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Advanced Picking

Advanced Picking helps in simplifying handling processes and costs not just for multiple-site operations, but also for single-site operations. You have greater flexibility when it comes to determining preferred bulk and individual picking options for different sites.

Customize your site-level operations with flexible picking methods. Advanced Picking allows you to boost picking productivity by optimizing pick journeys and by sending goods directly to the loading.

You can also save on time and effort via consolidated or bulk picking lists covering multiple orders for common products. Stemming from this, by creating individual picking lists in the bin/bay cycle, you can drive operational efficiency.

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Extended Pricing

You can use the Extended Pricing tool to improve customer-specific pricing structures and rules effectively so customers can be provided with customized pricing options while also ensuring standard pricing structures in other places.

You can maintain a competitive edge over other businesses by managing your prices using a variety of tools and wizards designed specifically to deliver greater flexibility when it comes to planning and offering promotional prices, adjusting pricing lists, or even setting up of date-wise restrictions.

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Advanced Distribution

The Dynamic GP Advanced Distribution module allows you to take advantage of the pick/pack/ship system with user-defined processes thereby leading to improved levels of control and greater workflow consistency and accuracy.

Give your inventory management a boost with personalized procedures for shelf life and maintaining minimum stock levels and enhance customer communication by connecting inventory with individual customer item codes to speed customer and service reps inquiries.

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Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials is a highly effective tool for tracking of components and subassemblies that are usually more prominent among light manufacturing or other similar levels of production and assembly systems.

Using Bill of Materials, you can keep a track of multi-level bills (right up to 10 levels deep), gain better control over allocation of inventory stock, and automatically monitor for changes between the actual and planned usage so any glitches or challenges in the assembly process can be effectively eliminated.

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Available to Promise

Available to Promise is used to make sure that your customers receive firm and faster delivery promises.

You can calculate the fastest ship date via just a single click, identify available inventory, and mitigate out-of-stock risks using accurate information on inventory, accurately track real and projected sales, and effectively monitor the sequence of anticipated delivery.

Based on forward-looking projections and information such as outstanding sales and purchase orders, and manufacturing projections among others, you can then go ahead and provide customers with accurate delivery promises.

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Sales Configurator

Address customer expectations and improve customer satisfaction by providing your customers with quick, accurate, and personalized product configurations – all without burdening your customer-facing personnel.

Sales Configurator allows you to present customers with a single bill of materials in a format which is both easily accessible and simple thereby reducing the stress and challenges that are specific to multiple configurations and part numbers. Your sales reps will find it easier to respond to customer queries and provide necessary directions or guidelines.

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Demand Planner

Great Plains Demand Planner makes it easy for businesses to quickly and efficiently generate future demand forecasts. These reliable forecasts are based on historical data of the business gleaned from a system of specific forecasting algorithms.

These forecasting algorithms are applicable in a variety of business contexts which include either increasing or decreasing sales trends or season or stable demand.

Using Demand Planner, you can benefit from multi-dimensional insight into buying patterns of customers by tracking business data such as product, markets, and time all of which are essential to forecasting.

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Supply Chain Management in Dynamics GP

Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can easily adapt to meet your most specific and unique supply chain management needs.

Download the Brochure (PDF)

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Inventory Management

Improve control over your inventory and pricing and you improve control over your entire business.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)

Dynamics-GP-Sales-Order-Fact-Sheet-thumb Supply Chain Management Solutions

Sales Order Processing

The hub of the Distribution Series, Sales Order Processing provides a comprehensive ordering and invoicing solution.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)

Dynamics-GP-Sales-Order-Brochure-thumb Supply Chain Management Solutions

Sales Order Processing Brochure

The hub of the Distribution Series, Sales Order Processing provides a comprehensive ordering and invoicing solution.

Download the Brochure (PDF)

Dynamics-GP-Purchase-Order-Fact-Sheet-thumb Supply Chain Management Solutions

Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing provides a solution for controlling spending while streamlining business practices and improving access to accurate information.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)

Dynamics-GP-Purchase-Order-Brochure-thumb Supply Chain Management Solutions

Purchase Order Processing Brochure

Purchase Order Processing provides a solution for controlling spending while streamlining business practices and improving access to accurate information.

Download the Brochure (PDF)

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Advanced Distribution

Harness the pick/ pack/ship process with user-defined procedures for more consistent, accurate workflow and improved control.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)

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Advanced Picking

Picking capabilities provide you with the flexibility needed to minimize handling processes and costs for both single and multi-site operations.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)

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Available to Promise

Available to Promise helps you ensure that customers receive firm delivery promises. Provide fast answers to customers by calculating earliest ship date with a single click.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)

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