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2 Workflow Functionalities that Enable Success in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP  helps businesses better manage their operations and inventory, gain greater regulation over their finances, and make informed choices that help in driving business success. It’s easy to use and quick to implement, with the capability to support your business growth ambitions. Here are a few ways Workflow can help to further enable […]

Simplify Your Approval Process with These 14 Dynamics GP Workflows

Workflows are a set of steps centered around your business rules. The key goal of a workflow is to control an approval process and ensure that certain jobs are completed properly. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides several different types of workflows that you can choose to implement within your organization. These workflows can simplify a variety […]

How to Streamline Purchase Orders Using a Dynamics GP Workflow

Ever wish you could make Purchase Order approvals easier? Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow can automate this process. How does Purchase Order workflow work? Let’s take a simple example, say Company XYZ would like to implement the rules below to govern how their purchases are handled: Purchases over $2,000 require a signature Purchases over $10,000 require […]

How to Set Up a Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP

A workflow is the approval process for a document. It defines how a document “flows” through the system by indicating who should approve it, plus all the conditions under which the approvers must approve the document. To create and set up a workflow, perform the following steps: 1. Open Workflow Maintenance window by clicking on […]

The Benefits of Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP

You have probably heard the term ‘workflow’ in relation to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Yet, you may not be aware of everything it has to offer. This week, our blog will break down what exactly Workflow is, what its benefits are, how to set it up and much more. Workflow, defined Within Microsoft Dynamics GP, the […]

The Downfalls Of Not Moving Dynamics GP To The Cloud

In our previous posts, we’ve gone over the many benefits of transitioning your on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP software to Azure cloud. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the downfalls of keeping your software on-premise. While most companies are on board with employing a “Cloud First” strategy as a part of an overall digital transformation […]

How Moving Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud Simplifies Your Business Processes

There are many compelling reasons why companies move from older on-premise applications like Great Plains/Microsoft Dynamics GP to modern cloud-based solutions. Here are five ways this transition can simplify your business processes: Reduced investment and cost of ownership – Cloud-based ERP costs are much lower compared to on-premise systems. By accessing Dynamics GP online, Azure […]

3 Critical Drivers For Moving Dynamics GP to Azure Cloud

There are a variety of reasons why companies migrate ERP applications from on-premise to the cloud. With the proliferation of cloud technologies offering massive data processing capabilities, software integration and increased mobility, the reasons for leaving Microsoft Dynamics GP on-premise is wearing thin. By moving GP to the cloud, organizations can leverage a competitive advantage. […]

Top Reasons to Move Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud

The world is changing at a rapid rate and business competition is fierce. To make gains in this dynamic environment, while promoting scalability and growth, consider replacing your legacy on-premise systems with cloud-based software. This can provide real-time visibility into your organization from any location, to support well-informed decision making. Here are a few key […]

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