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Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager

Integration Manager is a tool available with Microsoft Dynamics GP that will help you connect your CRM, Sales, or other application with Great Plains. You can start with simple integrations using tab-delimited text files as data sources and Microsoft GP as the destination. You can also create more complicated integrations using databases or multiple sources. […]

Transform your business with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft CRM Integration

If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can get even more benefits by integrating it with Dynamics GP.  Typically, Dynamics CRM will be used to improve prospecting and drive sales and service from a front-office operation perspective while Great Plains will be used to handle accounting, inventory management, and other tasks required after the sale […]

Four tips for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM application for sales and marketing, gives you a lot of insight into your customer base. By integrating Salesforce with Dynamics GP, you make both systems even more powerful. Without integration, processing is slow due to the requirement of pulling data manually from both systems, but real-time integration is possible using Dynamics […]

Increase Business Competitiveness by Integrating Magento with Microsoft Dynamics GP

To stay competitive and increase customer satisfaction, you’ve implemented Magento, one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in your business.  Magento offers a set of tools to control the look and functionality of all aspects of your online store. Magento is known for its customization options, SEO capabilities, and its ability to scale as your […]

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP with your E-Commerce Channels

Today’s customers demand the ability to shop online using their desktop or mobile devices. Not only do they want to place orders quickly and easily but they want access to order status and shipping information in real time. One of the major issues you will encounter when implementing an ecommerce solution is the synchronization of […]

Simplify financial decisions with default reports in Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution helps you make decisions that positively affect your bottom line. To make those decisions, you need up to date reporting. The Management Reporter application does that by giving you the ability to create, distribute, and analyze financial reports. Pulling general ledger data from your Microsoft Dynamics GP installation, this powerful […]

How to Organize Financial Reports in Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Reports are designed using building blocks in Management Reporter. After you’ve created several reports, it can be helpful to organize building blocks, reports, and other objects to make them easier to find later. Folders can be created in Report Designer as well as in the Report Library in the desktop viewer. You will organize the […]

An introduction to Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Management Reporter helps you easily and securely access the data from your Microsoft Dynamics GP installation and use it more effectively to make business decisions. The application has a number of features including: Report building blocks which are used to define and generate reports A report wizard to guide new users through their first report […]

Four things you need to know about the Web Viewer in Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Web Viewer is the default viewer used to access reports created by Management Reporter. The web viewer has the same functions as the desktop viewer without the need to install the desktop client. There’s no need for any special installation because it uses your computer’s default browser to present a secure, personalized report. Available […]

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