Automate Operational Processes With Field Service Management Modules

Does your project-driven organization involve field service? If yes, then you should seriously consider implementing Microsoft Dynamics SL which comes with four robust field service management modules.

Regardless of which industry your organization operates in, field service businesses face a number of common challenges including managing service agreements, ensuring profitability of your field service technicians, optimizing on flat-rate pricing to give the business a competitive advantage, as well as improving equipment maintenance.

In addition to addressing the administrative challenges and the mechanical aspects of improving your field service management, as a project-driven organization, you will also need to implement effective strategies and be able to make the right decisions if you want to continue meeting customer expectations, be able to balance your workforce, while also ensuring business profitability.

For any project-based business, addressing field service management challenges requires coordination and strategic planning on multiple levels as well as the implementation of the right Field Service Management solution.

Solomon comes with four specialized Field Service Management modules which include Service Contracts, Service Dispatch, Equipment Maintenance, and Flat Rate Pricing. Each of these modules can help you effectively automate and streamline your field service management processes thereby resulting in improved business efficiency and profits.

Fully integrated with financial management modules, Microsoft Dynamics SL field service management modules automate operational and accounting processes for service businesses.

The following field service management modules are available a la carte for the Advanced Management Edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL:

file-2 Dynamics SL Field Service Management

Service Contracts

Manage service agreements more effectively. Before a technician is dispatched to a site, a customer service representative will be alerted to any existing active contracts.

analytics-3 Dynamics SL Field Service Management

Service Dispatch

Track and manage every detail of services offered and rendered. Manage field technicians efficiently, access precise information on technicians’ profitability, and accurately track customer information, including account status and service history.

stopclock Dynamics SL Field Service Management

Flat Rate Pricing

Enable your technicians to give immediate printed price quotes on specific services from your pricing catalog.

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Equipment Maintenance

Track every detail of equipment maintenance, scheduled or unscheduled. Automate the work order process, track work orders with user-defined criteria, and perform detailed equipment maintenance accounting with ease.

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