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Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics SL gives employees, partners, and customers role-based access to up-to-date business information via a web browser any time or anywhere. Your team can efficiently collaborate using the familiarity of Microsoft Office system applications and the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services interface.

With Business Portal you can:

  • Create a website for your projects.
  • View details about tasks and projects.
  • Store and modify documents.
  • Share schedules and calendars.
  • See a single, up-to-date, company wide view of all aspects of each job, including accounting, overall profitability, and customer and client relationships.

Business Portal enables you to create an unlimited number of web sites to store and share information, such as web pages for employee policies, business strategies, human resources operations, and company events. These are internal web sites with strong security features that can be accessed and updated quickly and easily by those with the appropriate permissions.

Business Portal also streamlines requisitioning. For each project, you can track time entry, expense entry, item request submission, and approvals. Information is updated immediately and is available to everyone who needs it, regardless of location.

Whether you are in the office, at home, or far afield, the Executive Project Analyst view in Business Portal provides real-time schedule and budget status information for each of your customer’s projects. You can also access specific customer information such as account summaries, retention percentage, billing information, and projected net profit from a transaction.

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