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Let’s face it. Most accounting software isn’t built for project work, and most industry-specific solutions lack the accounting tools you need. Microsoft Dynamics SL combines robust and customizable project management functionality with distribution, service, and comprehensive accounting capabilities.

Dynamics SL provides out of the box capabilities to rapidly and affordably deploy Project Management, Business Financials, Distribution, and Services options.

Features and Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics SL is ideally suited to meet industry specific needs of organizations such as:

  • Professional Services – Supports better business decisions, helps manage people and finances, and enhances profitability management of client services and projects.
  • Government Contracting – Gives you the ability to collect and retain project information needed to comply with government regulations while helping you to manage project timelines and budgets.
  • Construction – The solution you need to improve sales, manage projects, complete job costing, manage materials, and more in addition to being integrated with your financial systems.

The business management solutions included in Microsoft Dynamics SL are designed to help automate your organization’s unique business processes and accelerate your success. There are two editions of Dynamics SL available:

  • Business Essentials Edition which includes core financial management and trade functionality.
  • Advanced Management Edition which includes everything in Business Essentials Edition along with a broad set of additional functionalities. It’s perfect for growing, mid-market, or high functional needs.

Each edition provides access to a specific set of a la carte granules for organizations that require a richer set of features and functionality to serve unique business needs.

Below is an overview of the key functionality and product capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

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Financial Management and Accounting

Make better financial decisions with the flexible, integrated capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics SL. Keep accurate Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable information at your fingertips. Automate and simplify bank reconciliation processes to reduce paperwork and administrative tasks. Get instant access to your current cash balance to take the guesswork out of cash accounting. Whether your company uses a single currency or multiple currencies, maximize multinational business profits. Monitor, analyze, and report on multiple companies or functional divisions within your organization. Dramatically improve month end close processes.

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Project Accounting and Job Costing

Take control of your project finances with powerful budgeting tools that allow you to increase your project’s profitability significantly. Collect and summarize key data metrics, pinpoint details as needed for analysis, and present the results. Automated alerts inform you of approaching deadlines, required approvals, escalating costs, and eroding margins. With this information, it’s easy for you to take action so projects and profits stay on track. With Improved control over change orders, document tracking, and subcontractor disbursements, ensure timely project completion, enhance cash flow, and improve project profitability. View resources and assign them to projects with a convenient, graphical interface.  

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Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting

Several premade dashboards and reports are available that connect directly to Dynamics SL and are accessible through PowerBI. Charts and graphs inside the Dynamics SL client as well as a companion application give you powerful, role specific insights. SQL Reporting Services reports along with Microsoft Excel Charts & Management Reporter reports can be viewed from one central location. They will give you the ability to work with a preferred desktop or mobile device. Quick Query and the Quick Query web app give you more than 100 predefined views of your financial data while the Management Reporter Viewer and Designer allow users to administer, design, generate, and view reports.


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Supply Chain Management

Take advantage of the benefits of conducting business electronically by integrating and automating business transactions with customers, vendors, and remote warehouses. Manage inventory including outgoing orders, incoming stock, returns, backorders, surplus inventory, and dead stock. Use integrated tools that optimize inventory stocking levels and automate purchasing. Capture actual shipping, handling, and import fees (landed costs) and easily roll them into the total cost of goods. Stay on top of the entire sales order process, balance inventory carrying costs with customer service levels, get accurate, up-to-date vendor and pricing information, and reduce paperwork because employees can enter purchase requisitions online for manager approval and automatic transfer to Purchase Order processing.

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Field Service Management

Manage field technicians, service agreements and customer information efficiently, and accurately.  Automate the work order process, generate work orders quickly and accurately, and track and control every aspect of routine and unscheduled maintenance. The flat rate pricing process which is increasingly becoming the standard in more service industries every day, is now easier than ever. With Microsoft Dynamics SL Flat Rate Pricing you won’t have to purchase expensive flat-rate books from an outside publisher. Instead, you can enable your technicians to give on-the-spot printed price quotes on specific services from your pricing catalog.

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Payroll Management

Microsoft Dynamics SL makes payroll and benefits administration smooth and predictable. With the advanced payroll module, you can calculate true labor costs, meet time-sensitive government reporting requirements, provide flexible deductions and benefits, and pay your employees accurately and on a timely basis.

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Business Portal

Business Portal for Dynamics SL gives employees, partners, and customers role-based access to up-to-date business information any time or anywhere.

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Web Apps

Dynamics SL includes a suite of Web Apps that allows users access from any devices that support HTML5, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Collaborative Workspace

Role-based access to information and processes can be provided from a single web-based portal. In addition to the Web Apps, the Light User module provides connections to Dynamics SL ERP data through tools like Microsoft Excel® and SQL Reporting Services and includes a Management Reporter Viewer User. CPU-intensive tasks, such as the printing of reports and execution of processes can be scheduled and offloaded to other machines on your network.

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Configuration and Development

Your Microsoft Dynamics SL system can be adapted to the specific needs of your organization. Any screen can be quickly and easily modified without the need to make changes to the underlying source code. Complete, line-of-business applications can be built by Visual Basic developers using familiar tools.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Dynamics SL

Find out why project-focused businesses worldwide choose Dynamics SL for their accounting and business management needs.

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Turn Your Business Vision into Reality with Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Find Out More About Microsoft Dynamics SL

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, MIG & Co. offers deep technical knowledge of Dynamics SL and specific industry requirements to meet the unique needs of project driven organizations. We provide planning, implementation, customization, and support services designed to tailor the solution for your specific business needs. We have the expertise to make sure the solution works for you and can deploy it wherever you choose, whether that is On premise, private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid combination.

If you’re considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics SL for the first time or want to expand an existing installation with new product modules, please call us at 1.855.MIG.CORP (855.644.2677) or click here to contact us

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brochure-top10-dynamics-sl A Closer Look at Microsoft Dynamics SL

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Dynamics SL

Find out why project-focused businesses worldwide choose Dynamics SL for their accounting and business management needs.

Download the Brochure (PDF)

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