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8 Reasons Why Management Reporter is a Better Alternative to FRx

Management Reporter, Microsoft’s replacement for FRx, is an interactive reporting application that enables businesses to create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements. It goes beyond the reporting capabilities of FRx by allowing users to design a variety of reports easily and efficiently.

8 Reasons Why Management Reporter is a Better Alternative to FRx

Easier Report Creation
With Management Reporter, users can easily create professional looking reports and financial statements without having to turn to their IT department for assistance.

Seamless Integration with Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL
A true client server based product, Management Reporter integrates with Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL more seamlessly than FRx ever could. Companies and reports are maintained in Management Reporter’s own independent SQL database, improving the overall speed and performance of your Dynamics solution.

Better Security Controls
The security settings in Management Reporter allow you to define who can and cannot view reports. You can now create private reports for a specific user or group of users without having to worry about the reports being seen by unauthorized personnel.

Familiar Interface
Unlike FRx, Management Reporter has the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Excel’s interface. This familiarity shortens the learning curve and makes Management Reporter easier and faster to use.

Better Sharing and Collaboration
When you create a report in Management Reporter, you have the ability to generate it directly into a shared folder. Once shared, anyone with access to that folder can view the reports in a web browser without the need to install separate software or have a Dynamics GP / SL or Management Reporter license.

Missing Account Analysis Tool
Management Reporter’s Missing Account Analysis tool enables you to quickly see which building block is missing accounts. Once identified, you can open the building block directly from the Missing Account Analysis window to fix it. You can run this utility any time prior to generating reports.

Ability to Indent Information in Reports
While it may sound like a minor thing, FRx’s inability to allow users to indent information was a source of much frustration among users. If you wanted to offset information, your only option was to insert blank spaces to simulate an indent. It was a formatting nightmare. Management Reporter, on the other hand, allows you to easily indent information in your reports.

Ability to Add Your Company Logo to Reports
Another source of frustration among FRx users was its inability to add graphics to reports. Management Reporter allows you to easily add a logo to the top of your financial statement. The results is a more polished, professional looking, branded report.

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