Determining, prioritizing and addressing the needs of your business

A needs assessment is a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or gaps between current conditions and desired conditions. The discrepancy between the current conditions and the desired conditions must be measured to appropriately identify the needs and their best remedies. A need can be a desire to improve current performance or to correct a deficiency.

When you clearly identify your needs, finite and specific resources can be directed toward developing and implementing solutions. A needs assessment is an important first step to planning, selecting, and implementing business management software solutions. In your search for a new solution or an upgrade, you need to know exactly where your current systems are lacking, and what features you need for your organization to work productively and efficiently.

Our needs assessment services include:

analytics-1 Needs Assessment

Architecture Assessment

file-2 Needs Assessment


strategy Needs Assessment

Fit / Gap

target-1 Needs Assessment

Proof of

file-1 Needs Assessment

Requirements & Process Review

worldwide Needs Assessment

Scoping Assessment

businessman-3 Needs Assessment

Upgrade Assessment

startup-2 Needs Assessment

The expert consultants at MIG & Co. will help you to determine which solutions or upgrades will best fulfill your needs within your budget. And this doesn’t just apply to where your organization is at today. Just as importantly, a needs assessment also looks at what your organization plans to accomplish in the future, because the best solution today may not be the best solution tomorrow.
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