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Microsoft, over the years, has made significant investments that allows for basic code deployments, software customizations, and subscription sign-up, which allows Dynamics partners, like MIG & Co. to get a client set up in no time at all.

In other words, you can have your MS Dynamics accounting or financials system started quickly with minimal investment in terms of development, configurations, and customizations. Each windows Dynamic solution has a robust security system which can be configured as per your business requirements to offer secure access to data at required levels.

Configuration pertains to the choice of hardware and software for your business management solution, and how that solution is prepared for specific uses. Your solution needs to be configured to fulfill your specific business requirements and to facilitate the activities that are most important to your organization.

At MIG & Co. we believe in simplifying all processes, including creating a plan for your requirements and then configuring the software accordingly. Our in-house team of developers makes sure to define business logic and validate the data correctly to enhance user experience.

You can count on us to use the easy automation of your Microsoft accounting system to allow it to support your unique business processes. Whether you are looking to send quick reminders for upcoming appointments or overdue renewals, or are interested in creating Workflow engines, we can make it happen.

You can benefit from our key utilization of in-depth experience and technical advancement to understand the functional design of a business. As your Dynamics certified partner we guarantee to seamlessly integrate configurations and customizations in order to offer the best results and user experience.

The expert consultants at MIG & Co. work with key users within your organization to develop a functional design that will cater to everyone’s needs. This enables us to implement and configure a software solution that matches your organization’s goals. Our consultants develop roles for your users within the software solution that match their roles in the organization, so that everyone’s software tools are specific to their needs.

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If you’re thinking about your Software Configuration, but you’re unsure to what degree your business processes can be streamlined and improved, Call or Email us for your Software Requirements & configuration.

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