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Microsoft Dynamics Financing

Flexible Finance Options for Microsoft Dynamics

Are budget challenges and constraints impacting your ability to make much needed IT investments? We offer flexible financing options that allow you to extend your budget to meet your business needs and free up cash and credit lines for other business priorities. With no money down and no additional charges, financing your Microsoft Dynamics solution with MIG & Co. makes excellent business sense and helps you focus on “What do I need?” versus “How will I pay for it?”

MIG Financing Program for Microsoft Dynamics

MIG & Co. has teamed with several financing providers to offer customers a total IT solution, including software and services. Financing is available for new Microsoft Dynamics installations as well as upgrades to existing Dynamics solutions.

This program does not involve software to services ratio requirements.

The Financing program is available to both commercial and non-commercial organizations.

  • Deal size minimum: $10,000
  • Deal size maximum: no pre-set maximum

Payment Details

  • Interest rates are determined by the term and size of the contract.
  • Payment terms are offered in 24- to 60-month increments, depending on the program. (usually 36 months term carry the best rates)
  • Down payments are generally not required. (function of your credit)

Contract Changes

At any time during your contract, you can add software, services, or other product offerings. Additional credit approval may be required.


Generally speaking, no collateral is required as this is an unsecured financing.  It is considered a capital lease with a $1 buy-out.

With the exception of subscription-based pricing models, the ownership of the Microsoft Dynamics software transfers to the customer at the end of the term lease agreement at no additional charge.

Credit Application Requirements

  • For transactions less than $50,000 only signed customer applications are required.
  • For transactions of $50,000 or more, additional financial disclosure maybe required.

MIG Financing for Microsoft Dynamics vs. Traditional Bank Loans

The following table is a side-by-side comparison of MIG Financing for Microsoft Dynamics and a traditional bank loan:

MIG Financing for Microsoft Dynamics

Traditional Bank Loan

Effect on existing Credit Lines

  • None
  • Reduces the availability of existing facilities

Effect on Working Capital

  • None
  • Off balance-sheet finance
  • MIG agreements are lease/rentals. These can be managed on the company’s Profit and Loss report without adversely affecting the Balance Sheet.
  • Working capital is reduced by current portion of obligation (12 months of payments)


  • None – Unsecured lines
  • Banks will typically require collateral such as AR

Tax Consequences

  • MIG agreements are lease/rentals and are 100% tax deductible.
  • Can lease equipment and still take full advantage of the Section 179 deduction.
  • Financed equipment is treated as a purchase and must be depreciated over 5 years.

What is the Next Step?

To learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics finance options, contact MIG & Co. at or call 1.855.MIG.CORP (644.2677). We will discuss your organization’s specific needs and help you choose the financing option that is right for you.

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