We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and we are proud to show it!

The expert consultants at MIG & Co. have a combined 50+ years of outstanding experience.

MIG & Co. have successfully achieved the Gold level competency for Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning, including Dynamics cloud and Dynamics online.

These certifications have been earned only after investing a significant amount of study and expertise. Each of the following certifications represents completed exams by our professionals.

MIG & Co. is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has been recognized by Microsoft as one of their leading ERP / BI VARs. MIG & Co. is also a NASBA approved CPE provider

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What Do These Certifications Mean for You?

The reason Microsoft has recognized us as one of the leading ERP partners for Microsoft Dynamics general ledger and Microsoft Dynamics accounting software is because we have invested the time to understand your industry and developed the right integration plans to make the switch-over as seamless and resourceful as possible.

This is what our holding Microsoft certifications and being a recognized NASBA approved CPE provider means for you:

product Certifications

Trusted Expertise

Our Microsoft certifications testify to the fact that all consultants working with MIG & Co. possess real-word industry experience in finance, accounting, manufacturing, HR, and non-profit among other segments.

We have been successful in completing over hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics procurement and implementations for several businesses since our conception in 1998.

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Flexible and Fast

We don’t believe in wasting time where Microsoft Dynamic accounting software is concerned. Our flexible project management models allow us to provide quick implementations by getting to work at the earliest. You don’t have to worry about lost hours or slow integration where MIG & Co. is concerned.

We have the ability to give you broad designing and planning services related to Microsoft ERP for small business as well as large endeavors. This also means that we can rapidly deliver on all your requirements.

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Trusted Partner

The reason MIG & Co. was recognized as a NASBA approved CPE provider was because we don’t jump half-hearted into a project. We believe in understanding your business and industry before recommending any Microsoft accounting system, whether it is Microsoft financial system or accounting.

We are aware that the only way we can truly add value as providers of an effective enterprise resource planning solution is by being good listeners and gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, industry, expectations and needs.

If you are looking for a proven, certified, and trusted ERP software partner, then

Join Hands with MIG & Co.

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