Microsoft Dynamics GP or Sage 50? 6 signs you might be outgrowing Sage

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Why is Microsoft Dynamics GP better than Sage 50?

Sage 50 is a popular entry-level accounting package designed for smaller businesses. Although more flexible than other similar software applications, Sage 50 still suffers from features and performance limitations as well as a lack of scalability than can negatively impact your growing business.

6 Signs That Your Business May Be Outgrowing Sage 50

Sage 50 growing pains typically manifest in one of two ways: First, the increasing volume of transactions and number of concurrent needed will eventually exceed the database and user capacities offered by Sage 50. Second, as your business grow, so will the need for more advanced accounting and business management features than Sage 50 offers. Additional indicators that your business may be outgrowing Sage 50 include:

  1. Having to implement manual workaround procedures or purchase third-party applications in order to get your work done.
  2. A noticeable decrease in performance, including delays in the loading of menus and screens in Sage 50.
  3. The number of users needing access to your accounting system exceeds Sage 50’s maximum number of users.
  4. Reports take an unacceptably long time to print.
  5. Frequent software crashes and/or incidents of data corruption due to the data file size being larger than Sage 50 can handle.
  6. Finding an increasing number of much needed features lacking in Sage 50.

Reasons Why Dynamics GP is a Better Alternative to Sage 50

For businesses that have outgrown the entry-level capabilities of Sage 50, migrating to Microsoft Dynamics GP offers numerous benefits:

More Comprehensive Features
Dynamics GP offers a richer, more comprehensive feature set than Sage 50. Project Time and expense billing, field service management, contract administration, and fixed asset management are just a few of the more than 40 key features Dynamics GP has that Sage 50 lacks.

Better Database Performance
Sage 50’s mySQL database performance can begin to decline after as few as 30,000 transactions. Dynamics GP is deployed on the Microsoft SQL Server, a far more robust and scalable database that can handle millions of transactions without slowing down.

Greater Extendibility
With over 50 modules available out of the box (compared to Sage 50’s 21 modules), Dynamics GP offers a greater degree of customization to meet a diverse range of business needs. Dynamics GP modules enable advanced distribution, manufacturing, supply chain management, field service, human resources, project accounting, business intelligence, and workplace collaboration functionality.

Better Financial Reporting
The whole point of an accounting software solution is comprehensive and actionable financial reporting. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers over 700 standard reports – nearly five times more than Sage 50’s 150 standard reports. In addition, Dynamics GP’s advanced reporting tools allow users to customize and schedule reports to be printed automatically at pre-determined intervals and delivered to the appropriate recipients via e-mail or publishing to the company’s business portal web site.

Personalization and Customization Tools
Several end-user tools are available to Dynamics GP users to allow them to set up Dynamics GP to the exact way they want to work. These can be configured by individual user or group of users (user classes) to ensure consistency across your organization.

Better Mobile Accessibility
Dynamics GP offers a web browser solution called the Business Portal that negates the need for complicated setup of user desktops. Regardless of where your users are or what device they are on, the Business Portal provides them with secure, encrypted access to your Dynamics GP environment from any location in the world.

Better Compliance
Dynamics GP includes robust risk management functionality including audit trails and electronic signatures. These enable companies to increase overall data integrity and control as well as helping them comply with regulatory mandates (e.g. producing a data change history).

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From Sage 50 to Dynamics GP: A Move That Makes Sense for a Growing Business

This brief guide illustrates several of the key benefits of migrating from Sage 50 to Dynamics GP for businesses that have outgrown their existing Sage 50 solution.

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