On-site vs. Online Deployment Options for Your Microsoft Dynamics

MIG offers different solutions that can be implemented online or on your computers. We understand business tech requirements differ from business to business – so while some businesses might prefer on-premise deployment of their Microsoft Dynamics software, others might decide to host their Microsoft Dynamics solution on the cloud. So, depending on your business goals and how your organization functions as a whole, you can choose one way or the other.

We Deploy Microsoft Dynamics ERP the Way You Want

In the past there were not many choices to deploy a Microsoft accounting software. However, now you have the power to deploy your Microsoft financial software or Microsoft accounting system the way you want – on-premises where you deploy at your location, or on the cloud where you pay a monthly fee to subscribe to Dynamics.

Each of these options has its individual pros and cons that you need to consider based on your unique company requirements.

During your search we will help you analyze which option would best serve you to benefit your business and keep your costs down.

You can count on us to be up-front and blunt in terms of educating you on the various pros and cons and recommending the best option for you. We want your Microsoft ERP solution, whether it is MS Dynamics accounting or financial to be as effective and useful as possible.

The video below illustrates the different available deployment options for your Microsoft Dynamics solution, as well as the benefits of each:

The benefits of using an On-Premise solution are:

  • Seamless integration with your current systems and applications
  • Full control over all your data

Cons of Going with Traditional On-Premise:

  • You are responsible for getting backups, server maintenance and other IT services done
  • It can mean a large investment to set up initial hardware and software

The benefits of using a solution On The Cloud are:

  • Maintained and hosted by solution provider reducing your IT costs
  • Systems are up and running almost instantly

Cons of Choosing the On The Cloud Solution:

  • Your access is dependent on the strength of your internet connection
  • You are not the owner of the Windows Dynamic software
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