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Accounts Receivable in Microsoft Dynamics SL

December 20, 2014 10:07 am Published by

The Accounts Receivable component of Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed to help you effectively manage your customer accounts and identify problems before they become problems. Flexible and integrated tools give you detailed information and reporting so you can monitor receivables and do what you need to maximize your cash flow and bottom line.

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides a wide range of options for setting up and managing customer records. You can define unique business parameters and control information such as default bank accounts, aging periods, and customer history retention.

You can reduce time spent entering customer information by using customer class defaults. You can enter data in batch mode, allowing for review prior to posting or, in real time, updating customer balances for current information. Minimizing unnecessary data entry gives your people more time for more important tasks.

You’ll also save time on data entry with recurring invoice options that automatically default payment terms and other fields defined in the customer maintenance record. Apply payments manually or automatically, generating payments on a monthly or other periodic basis.

Microsoft Dynamics SL enables you to handle multiple types of credit and efficiently track your collections and cash flow. You can easily do credit checks, track credit limits, and set up alerts for when credit limits are exceeded or when a customer has exceeded a due date by a defined number of days.

When your customer needs account information, you can print original invoices or reprint copies of previously provided invoices. You can also print invoices or memos instantly, while in process.

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