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Microsoft Dynamics Heritage Edition Transition

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Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics and you will receive a credit for your license investment!

Microsoft has a policy to help existing Dynamics customers transition from their current product, edition, and license model to the latest versions.

The policy covers three transition types:

  • Product Line Transition: Any move from one product line code base to a different product line code base.
  • Edition Transition: Any edition change within the same product line and licensing model.
  • License Model Transition: Any move from the Module Based Licensing (MBL) for Microsoft Dynamics model to the Business Ready Licensing (BRL) model, remaining within the same product line.

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License Credit Calculation

Depending on the heritage product you currently have, your license credit will be calculated in one of two ways:

Customers will receive a credit equivalent to 100% of their Protected List Price (based off the Protected List Price of their last Customer Service Plan) for the modules and users the Customer has licensed for the following heritage products and editions:

  • Great Plains Standard Pervasive
  • Great Plains Standard MAC
  • Navision DOS
  • C4*


Customers will receive a credit per user for the following heritage products and editions:

  • Great Plains Accounting $1,500 (USD)
  • Realworld – Classic $1,600 (USD)
  • Realworld – Expertise $1,900 (USD)
  • Solomon III $2,000 (USD)
  • Solomon IV 2.0 (DOS) $2,000 (USD)

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