Our Architecture Assessment For Smarter Decisions About Your Business

An architecture assessment will help you make the best decisions about hardware and software for your business management solutions.

Our consultants will evaluate the infrastructure, architecture, and design of your current deployment and of any proposed deployments. An architecture assessment helps ensure that a solution or upgrade is deployed successfully and efficiently.

Sure Step Architecture Assessment conducted by MIG & Co. successfully provides prescriptive guidance about the kind of production infrastructure you already have and whether your existing system is adequate to meet the hardware requirements for your chosen Microsoft Dynamics accounting software – whether it is Dynamics cloud or on-premise.

As your Dynamics certified partner, we ensure that while implementing the new system, everything is in place in terms of the infrastructure. We shall explain the entire process of Dynamics migration, integration and implementation to you so that your system works exactly the way you want it to.

Why Do We Stress On Architecture Assessment?

At MIG & Co. we have the experience to understand that implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics accounting solution is not just about integrating a new piece of software into your existing environment. The software is an important part, but in order to provide the right solutions, deploying it correctly is equally important.

The infrastructure is often overlooked by most inexperienced Dynamics partners who invariably end up offering the wrong windows Dynamic solution. Infrastructure doesn’t just involve a few servers and desktops with some switches, wires and access points. It is a lot more than that.

We begin the process by asking pertinent questions regarding your needs, the kind of performance you are looking for from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and whether the network layout is optimal.

MIG & Co. consultants will analyze your system architecture and deliver a design document that will enable you to make the best business decisions about your software solutions.

Benefits of architecture assessment:

  • Reduced risk: Potential risks are identified and addressed early in the implementation process.
  • Higher quality: MIG consultants will help ensure that best practices for optimal performance are in place.
  • Time and money saved: Architecture assessment helps prevent performance problems.
  • Expert advice: You’ll have access to our solution expertise, and that will help you complete deployment faster.
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Thinking about Architecture Assessment?

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