The Scoping Assessment Creates a Plan That Delivers Software Solutions

The Scoping Assessment allows the MIG team to develop a roadmap to deploy your software solution.

With a roadmap, MIG & Co. Consultants will give you a better understanding of how things will work and what steps need to be taken before proceeding.

They will work with you to help you:

  • Understand recommended practices for your solution deployment
  • Inform you about the costs and resources that will be required to seamlessly implement the solution
  • Evaluate options to manage the resources and costs efficiently to complete implementation with little to no disruption to your business
  • Find a cost-effective way to integrate your solution with your current systems
  • Develop an efficient and optimal project structure

What is the Purpose of a Scoping Assessment?

The Scoping Assessment Phase is considered pivotal and as your Dynamics integration partner, we stress that you allow us to invest adequate time in discovering how you are using your current systems and whether the MS Dynamics accounting software is a perfect fit.

We shall also gain an insight into future Dynamics project management since we tend to establish long lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Scoping Assessment includes identifying customizations for your windows Dynamic, understanding what you are doing outside your current system that you are hoping to bring within the purview of Microsoft Dynamics support, and identifying new functionality in the system that should be replaced by customizations or external systems to deliver value to your organization.

The team at MIG & Co. shall ensure not to skip a single step or miss anything vital as part of your Dynamics consulting. We employ a process-centric approach that effectively breaks down an institution’s operations into smaller and more manageable pieces.

MIG & Co. has developed an efficient process catalog to perform a review of Microsoft ERP for small business and large business.

Our Scope Assessment shall ensure that all processes and facets of your Dynamics cloud or on-premise solution is effectively carried out. This includes all steps from the initial review and procurement to the final deployment, integration, and implementation.

You can count on us blindly as your Dynamics partners where Microsoft ERP cloud and on-premise solutions are concerned.

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