Improving Your Business is Very Simple With The Upgrade Assessment

The Upgrade Assessment allows MIG & Co. to evaluate the your systems and provide a roadmap for the upgrade that will be in sync with your future business goals and integrations.

MIG & Co. consultants will analyze your hardware and software you want to upgrade to in order to understand what will fit your needs. This assessment is imperative to reduce risk during the upgrade and make sure that there is a seamless transition.

MIG & Co. consultants will help you:

  • Understand recommendations for your solution upgrade
  • Understand how the upgrade will change your current solution and what will be needed for the implementation to be seamless
  • Evaluate changes in functionality, configuration, and new features
  • Determine whether there will be unsupported code and call-out migration
  • Find a cost-effective method to upgrade your solution while keeping the integration with systems you are already using within your business

Why Choose MIG & Co. to Carry Out Upgrade Assessment

The major reason for selecting MIG & Co. as your Dynamics partner is to benefit from our deep understanding of Microsoft solutions, including Dynamics financials and Microsoft Dynamics accounting.

We will make sure to quickly evaluate your existing systems to identify its limitations and create an effective roadmap which is in sync with your company’s current and future business goals and integrations so that your Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade is the perfect fit.

Our expertise as your Microsoft Dynamics partner carrying out an Upgrade Assessment shall include delivering the following:

  • We shall identify the return on investment in deploying the upgrade version of your existing Dynamics cloud, Dynamics online or on-premise software suite
  • Our offerings include providing high level definitions of functional improvements so that your existing Microsoft accounting system or another can effectively be eliminated and exchanged for an upgraded version
  • As your Dynamics certified partner, we make it our responsibility to identify marketplace products or ISV that would come in helpful and work towards enhancing your existing system to effectively provide business objectives and ROI
  • We provide business intelligence recommendations in windows ERP solutions and Dynamics implementation assistance to leverage the latest Data analytics toolset
  • You shall receive high-level project upgrade plan after our extensive review to ensure the right Dynamics upgrade is being deployed
  • We will provide an estimate of Dynamics consulting and implementation cost for the upgrade to MS Dynamics accounting
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