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Children’s Aid and Family Services Case Study

After engaging MIG & Co. to migrate their Microsoft GP implementation to a private cloud solution, Children’s Aid and Family Services (CAFSNJ) requested specialized training.  They wanted to learn how to exploit more of the capabilities of Microsoft GP instead of depending on workarounds they had developed through trial and error.  After implementing the migration, MIG […]

Williamson Health and Wellness Case Study

Williamson Health and Wellness needed a more robust solution to accommodate their rapid growth. After researching several solutions and getting recommendations from other CFOs, they chose to partner with MIG and Co. to implement a Microsoft GP solution. Williamson was impressed with the comprehensive information on the MIG & Co. website, the flexibility of the […]

Manage Vendor Invoices with an Accounts Payable Software Solution

When you receive an invoice from a vendor for goods and services, you’ll need to enter it into Microsoft Dynamics GP to track the status and make payments on it. You can enter an individual invoice without a batch ID or a group of invoices in a batch. Individual invoices can be entered and posted […]

Simplify 1099 Processing with Vendor Payment Processing Software

Many businesses have to issue 1099 statements at the end of the year for vendor purchases. To issue an accurate 1099 statement, you may need to: Track purchases made during the year from each vendor Withhold a portion of the vendor payments for taxing authorities Print different types of 1099 statements for the same vendor, […]

How to Use the Purchasing All-in-One View in Your AP Automation Solution

As you implement your organization’s AP process automation project, you’ll want to get familiar with the Purchasing All-in-One View window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. With it, you’ll be able to easily view all of the transactions related to a specific vendor in one window. For each vendor, you’ll be able to view the PO, the […]

Use Workflows for Accounts Payable Approvals in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are you still manually sending AP invoices to a manager for approval? A manual process is time-consuming, preventing your AP team from spending time on higher level tasks. It also prevents you from being able to see where each invoice is in the approval process. If your organization is struggling with a manual AP approval […]

Reduce Costs and Save Time with a Paperless Accounts Payable System

Having a paperless accounts payable system might seem like an impossible dream. Here’s a typical AP process flow: You would love to save your company time and money by going paperless, but feel you’re drowning in paper at every step of the process. It’s worth taking the time to investigate whether your AP process can […]

New Quick Queries Available in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018

One of the most popular features of Dynamics SL for business intelligence and reporting are Quick Queries.  They provide an interactive view into your Microsoft Dynamics SL data and give you the ability to analyze it and get answers fast. You can use and edit any of the more than one hundred pre-defined quick queries […]

Microsoft PowerApps for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018

The new Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 includes PowerApps. These apps were built help you connect to Microsoft SL 2018 data. Custom software development can be costly, and off the shelf SaaS apps may not provide the function your business needs.  PowerApps were created to fill the gap. They give you the ability to create and […]

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