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2 Workflow Functionalities that Enable Success in Microsoft Dynamics GP

April 17, 2018 12:04 pm Published by
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Microsoft Dynamics GP  helps businesses better manage their operations and inventory, gain greater regulation over their finances, and make informed choices that help in driving business success. It’s easy to use and quick to implement, with the capability to support your business growth ambitions. Here are a few ways Workflow can help to further enable your company’s success:

Payables Transaction Approval– Payables Transaction approvals are available in the Workflow Maintenance window. When you set up this workflow to “Active”, Payables Transaction Approval workflow will enable you to submit and approve all transactions available in the “Payables Transaction Entry” window. The Approval is also accessible through the navigation list and email notification. Tip – if the PM Batch Approval workflow and Payables Transaction Approval workflow are both active, then batch origin of the Payables Transaction Entry is unavailable for batch approval in the workflow.

Document Attachment functionality- If you add a document attachment to a record or transaction using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Document Attachment functionality, these attachments can be sent with a workflow task notification email. The workflow document attachment feature is available for Purchase Order Approval, Vendor Approval, Payables Transaction Approval, Purchase Requisition Approval, and PM Batch Approval. For instance, you can now successfully enter a payables invoice, scan the invoice, and attach the vendor records, then submit this invoice for approval. On the other end, when invoice reaches the approver via email, they will receive the invoice information, and the document attachment will indicate the scanned invoice from the vendor.  

Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Workflow solution gives both your technical and non-technical staff the information required to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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