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A Microsoft Dynamics GP Halloween Tale

October 30, 2015 2:00 am Published by

In light of Halloween being nigh, we present for your consideration the following bone chilling tale of horror. But be forewarned gentle readers… it is not for the faint of heart!

Holly’s business started small, at her kitchen table in fact, but over the years it grew to include several brick-and-mortar stores in addition to her internet presence, a small warehouse, delivery vans, and an ever-growing staff of employees. And yet she still did her financials and managed her business with Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, in addition to files and files of… actual paper [scary organ music].

A couple of years ago she had considered further growth, into other cities and states, but she was already too busy as it was, and her accounting system, such as it was, was already at the limit of what it could reasonably handle. So she had stopped growing entirely. Stunted. But her competitors did not stop growing [louder, scarier organ music].

Indeed, Jose, her main competitor, was using Microsoft Dynamics GP to gain greater control over his financials, while spending less time on them. He found himself able to better manage his inventory and operations. And he had access to business intelligence that enabled him to make timely and informed business decisions. Holly, with none of these advantages, soon found her business had not only stopped growing… it had started shrinking [scary organ music reaches its climax].

But fear not for Holly, because this chilling tale of dread has a happy ending. Holly, you see, contacted MIG & Co. to enquire about deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP, and after that, well, Jose had to start watching his back!

Happy Halloween!

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