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All in One Document Viewer Coming to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

May 22, 2015 7:36 am Published by

The next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, is just around the corner now, and one of the most anticipated new features is the “all-in-one” document viewer for purchasing. This all-in-one document viewer can track a chain of documents through business processes managed in Microsoft Dynamics GP, so if a vendor calls to inquire about a purchase order, for example, you can use the all-in-one viewer to see all the items for that purchase order, such as receipts, payables vouchers, invoices, and payments. You can also drill down into a single item’s detailed information. This viewer will be available for purchasing with this release, but it will eventually be expanded to sales and inventory as well.

This is a newly designed window within Microsoft Dynamics GP that enables users to view related purchasing documents in the same window, hence the “all in one.” It is accessible from the Vendor Maintenance window, many purchasing inquiry windows, navigation lists, and even the home page. This window will save users time normally spent searching for information relevant to a purchasing document. The most recent documents will default into the window when it is opened, and users can see the next set of five transactions with navigation buttons under each column.

A filter icon will enable users to select open and/or historical or saved vs. posted documents. The options are specific to each column and saved per user, enabling users to customize what they want to see. Specific searches are also enabled in the filter window to narrow down the search results. Users can also clear all filters and reset to the defaults with the click of a button.

Users can select a checkbox for a document to redisplay all columns with only documents related to the selected document. For example, if a user selects the checkbox for a particular purchase order, then only the receipts, invoices, payments, and returns related to that purchase order will be displayed.

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