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What’s New in Dynamics GP 2018? Financial Enhancements

March 1, 2018 4:03 pm Published by
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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 features a wealth of enhancements. In part 5 of our 7-part series, “What’s New in Dynamics GP 2018?”, we’re highlighting five financial enhancements rolled out in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  1. Those that use Receivables and print customer statements can now do it directly from the Customer Maintenance window. You can both print and email a single statement from a customer card via a drop down menu.
  1. One payment per invoice or one payment per vendor options – These options can now be setup as recurring, as opposed to doing them manually each month or week.Dynamics GP 2018 one payment per invoice
  1. Prior to Dynamics GP 2018, there was no way to add user access to AA Dimension codes. Now when creating new users, you can copy the User Access settings Dimensions in Analytical Accounting from an existing user. This new feature speeds up granting new users access to the same dimension codes. Dynamics GP 2018 copy user access
  1. Save Select Payment settings – There is now a Payment Option ID, as well as the option to save settings used to build payment batch.Dynamics GP 2018 build batch
  1. The Payables Checks windows have been renamed to “Payment” rather than “Checks” because some customers don’t use checks to pay vendors, they may use credit cards or EFT. This is especially true of international customers.

Next time, we’ll provide an overview of the new distribution enhancements rolled out in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you missed any of the previous posts in this series, you can check them out here.

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