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Importing Data Into Microsoft Dynamics GP

March 3, 2014 3:25 pm Published by

When you’ve outgrown your antiquated business management systems and switch to a new solution, or upgrade your solution to the latest version, you need to ensure that your historical data makes the move with you. During the time that you have been using your old business management software, you have recorded and saved a great deal of information, such as account details and invoices. All that data needs to be migrated into the new system so that your organization can proceed seamlessly.

Data migration can be a technically difficult procedure, often left to hired software consultants, but if your organization has someone on staff with some technical skill, Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with a data import tool that can enable you to migrate some of the data yourself. The Integration Manager—Conversions module is available free for use for 240 days following the purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is used for the entry of master records and the entry of beginning balances.

A lot of integration tools are available for use with Microsoft Dynamics GP, but this one is the easiest to use. An experienced technician will have to set up integration routines, but after that it can be executed by someone with little technical background. You can easily map external data fields to fields within Microsoft Dynamics GP without underlying knowledge of the data structures or tables. Intuitive drag and drop tools define your integration, and the easy to use mapping features enable you to transfer and integrate data painlessly.

You can import data from virtually any database or desktop application, including comma- and tab-delineated text files, XML, and most open database connectivity (ODBC) data sources. Of course, it is easiest to use when upgrading from an older version of Microsoft Dynamics GP to the latest version.

Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easy to ensure that when your new solution is up and running, your historical data is up and running with it.

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