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Increase Business Competitiveness by Integrating Magento with Microsoft Dynamics GP

June 8, 2018 11:34 am Published by
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To stay competitive and increase customer satisfaction, you’ve implemented Magento, one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in your business.  Magento offers a set of tools to control the look and functionality of all aspects of your online store. Magento is known for its customization options, SEO capabilities, and its ability to scale as your online business grows.

To improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing functions and reduce errors, you need to integrate Magento with your MS Dynamics GP system which manages and tracks your financial and supply chain information. For example, you want a new sales order in your online shopping platform to trigger the creation of a new customer in Great Plains.

By integrating the two systems, you will get a better understanding of your customer base through visibility to their product preferences and buying patterns. You’ll reduce costs because the systems will be in sync, reducing manual entry and the possibility of human error.

You can start with Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics® GP, a data integration software tool

that gives you the ability to extract, validate, and transfer data between your e-commerce website and your Great Plains system. You specify sources, destinations, and destination mappings which move data quickly and easily between applications, without the need for custom programming or extensive knowledge of application databases.  Here’s an installation screen shot of Integration Manager:

integration manger

Some common activities you may want to keep in sync are:

  • The creation of new customers or products
  • Customer contact information
  • Customer shopping preferences
  • Inventory quantities and prices
  • Shipping and tracking information
  • Order visibility to sales and support staff

Here is a screenshot of Order information being imported from Magento:


Whether you need an out of the box solution or a more complex customer solution, MIG & Co consultants can be called upon to analyze your needs and choose the best way to integrate your web store with Microsoft Great Plains and position your business for future growth.

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