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Introducing Amplify: The New “Convergence” For Microsoft Dynamics GP

March 14, 2016 10:16 am Published by

Introducing Amplify: The New Convergence For Microsoft Dynamics GP

When Microsoft replaced their annual Convergence event with Envision, they also shifted the focus away from general end-users of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and more toward executives. Well, you’ve probably heard that nature abhors a vacuum, and likewise, Microsoft Dynamics GP users apparently abhor a lack of end-user events, because now we have Amplify, the new “Convergence” for users of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Amplify is brought to you by GPUG (the Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Group) and Microsoft, and will be held May 23-25 in Anaheim, California. If you want to get the most out of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP, or if you’re wondering exactly what Microsoft Dynamics GP can do for your organization, you’ll want to drop by and check it out. A wide variety of educational sessions will be offered, highlighted by a “deep-dive” into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, led by Microsoft’s GP team itself.

It’s a place to discover the latest innovations, ISV (independent software vendor) solutions that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP, and new product updates. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with and share information with your peers. And the GP team will be there for you to connect with as well. They’ll also have product roadmaps and will be giving previews of the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

So Amplify will facilitate the direct dialogue between end-users and Microsoft for the advocacy and influence on the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics GP. But it’s not just Microsoft’s GP team that has knowledge to share: this event will bring together Microsoft Dynamics GP experts from across the everywhere. If you’re interested in attending, you can get more information and register for the event here. Discounted pricing will be in effect until March 25.

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