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Keep Your Financial Information Safe With Microsoft Dynamics GP

August 3, 2013 1:15 pm Published by

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides several types of security. The solution has many features and collects a great deal of data necessary to run a business, but most users do not need access to all the data, reports, and tools in Microsoft GP. Therefore, the security features are designed so that users have access to just the data and tools they need to do their jobs, keeping sensitive business data as secure as possible while still enabling users to work efficiently.

Security is role-based in GP. Each user is assigned a security role that determines that user’s access to forms, report, or data. Dynamics GP comes with default security roles that you can assign. For example, the default security role “ACCOUNTING MANAGER” gives a user access to General Ledger setup, taxes, bank accounts, and credit cards, and enables that user to perform many accounting tasks. You can also create a new security role, granting that role access to just the tasks that type of user needs.

System security controls access to system setup, such as setting up new user records and assigning user security. System level security is controlled through the use of a password. Company security controls access to companies on a per-user basis. When you set up a new user record, that person has no access to any companies until you grant said access with the User Access Setup window.

Most modules in Microsoft GP have specific tasks that can be set up to require a password, and each task can have a different password. All users attempting to complete a password-protected task must enter the password.

Dynamics GP software also provides field level security, enabling you to apply passwords or block access not just to certain accounts, forms, and windows, but to fields as well. You can apply passwords to fields, or you can hide, lock, or block them dependent upon a user’s security role.

The role-based security in GP helps companies get started with the solution quickly, and maintains separation of duties to reduce security risks.

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