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Managing your Electronic Documents with Dynamics GP 2013

July 26, 2013 4:03 pm Published by

Document attachment is a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 that enables you to easily and efficiently attach electronic files to purchasing or sales transactions or to purchasing, sales, or inventory master records. You can attach digital photographs, images, contracts, copies of invoices, or any related information.

The attachments are stored in a new SQL table specific to document attachments. An attached document can be easily accessed from a transaction or record. You can add multiple attachments to a single transaction or record.

The feature can be turned on or off, and you can set a file size limit and default location for attachments in the Document Attachment Setup window (Setup > Company > Document Attachment Setup).

To attach a document to a purchase order, as an example, simply select the Attachment icon on the header of the purchase order, click “Attach,” and then select an attachment. Of course, the file you want to attach must first be stored in the default location. There is also a “Scan to be attached later” feature. The documents to be attached are scanned to the storage location and are attached at a later time to the desired transactions or records.

To delete an attachment, select it, and then select the Delete Row icon in the head line.

To add attachments at the line level, select a line, then select the Attachments icon in the line heading. Attachments made to the header will only appear with the document, and attachments in a line will only appear for that line/item combination.

This will not only help eliminate your filing cabinets, but organize your files in one easy place. Find out how what other Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 features can help your organization!

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