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Using Workflows 2.0 In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Part 2

August 11, 2015 8:39 am Published by

In our last entry, we talked about the current workflows available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, covering the system requirements for using them and taking a look at the GL Batch Approval workflow as an example. Now let’s look at what it’s like to use some of the other financial workflows.

Payables Batch Approval Workflow

Similar to the GL Batch Approval workflow, the Payables Batch Approval workflow requires approval before transactions can be posted. Of course, checks also cannot be printed before approval. And again, transactions can be edited while a batch is pending approval. This workflow is available via the Payables Batch Entry, Payables Batch List, Payables Batch Pending Approval, and Payables Batch Not Submitted windows.

Vendor Approval Workflow

The Vendor Approval workflow requires that a vendor be approved before any payment (whether automatic or manual) can be made to that vendor, or before any transactions involving that vendor can be posted. Until the vendor is approved, the system will show transactions involving that vendor to be on hold. This workflow can be accessed via the PO Entry or Payables Transaction Entry windows.

Receivables Batch Approval Workflow

The Receivables Batch Approval workflow is similar to the Payables Batch Approval workflow. Once again, it requires approval before transactions can be posted. And again, transactions can be added and edited while a batch awaits approval.

The setup for workflows is pretty easy. Once web services are installed, the workflow setup under Administration enables you to get your email settings lined up. Then go to Workflow under Company Setup and set up your email messages. Microsoft Dynamics GP comes with default email messages, but you can customize them as you like.

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