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What to Do When a Batch Gets Stuck in Microsoft Dynamics GP

July 29, 2015 10:18 am Published by

Have you ever been playing a video game, and you haven’t saved for a while, and the game suddenly freezes up and gets stuck? No fun, right? And video games are just personal entertainment. It’s even less fun when a batch gets stuck in your ERP system at work. Well, last month, Redbeard’s Blog featured a nice reminder of a great tool you’ll find in Microsoft Dynamics GP for addressing this problem.

Batch Recovery in Microsoft Dynamics GP

“In all financial systems,” Redbeard writes, “from time to time batches will get stuck during posting. I have experienced this problem in every financial system I have supported, and I’ve supported a few. In most systems, this problem is something you need to contact technical support to resolve.” However, this is not necessarily the case for Microsoft Dynamics GP, which includes a feature that can enable any user to manage the issue, depending on what the issue actually is.

To access Batch Recovery for Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Tools > Routines > Batch Recovery. When a batch gets stuck, this is where you want to be. Here you can view stuck batches and attempt to solve the problems that are preventing posting. Select a stuck batch and click Continue, and the posting process will continue, or the batch will be moved to the Batch Entry screen for editing.

If the batch cannot be opened for editing, and displays errors about being edited by other users, you may need help from IT, if you don’t have SQL skills and access to SQL Query Analyzer. For more information and far more detail on what to do from there, see Redbeard’s blog on this tool.

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