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A Closer Look at the SmartList Enhancements For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

May 17, 2016 12:15 pm Published by

A Closer Look at the SmartList Enhancements For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is now available, and one of the new features is that you can now create a new SmartList in SmartList Designer from an existing SmartList favorite which has been modified from an original favorite. For example, you can modify a standard SmartList by adding an “Adjust for Inflation” column to your SmartList favorite (as pictured). When the new SmartList favorite is selected, click on New to open SmartList Designer. You will see all of the columns from the SmartList favorite listed under “Selected Fields,” including the Adjust for Inflation column.

Another SmartList enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is that SmartList objects that have been created in SmartList Designer will now show up in the SmartList Options window (Administration > Setup > SmartList Options). Previously, if you looked at the SmartList Options window for a SmartList that was created in SmartList Designer, no columns would be listed. Now, you will see the columns listed, along with a checkbox next to each of them to indicate whether or not the column is visible.

And finally, with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, you can now import and export SmartList Designer definitions, so that you can share them easily and transport them between GP implementations. Consequently, you can export the definition for a SmartList in the SmartList Designer in one environment, transport it to a different machine, then import it into a different environment. To access this feature, in the SmartList window, choose Actions in the ribbon, then click Export/Import and select Export or Import.

When you export, you will be creating an XML file. You can email or otherwise transfer the XML file to the environment where you want to import it.

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