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Manufacturing Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP

December 9, 2014 7:54 am Published by

The Extended Pack edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP includes powerful manufacturing management solutions, the heart of which is the Manufacturing Suite. Microsoft Dynamics GP is best known for its discrete manufacturing capabilities, meeting the requirements of discrete manufacturers in the mid-market to enterprise level. The Manufacturing Suite includes tools for capacity requirements planning, engineering change management, job costing, quality assurance, sales configuration, and sales forecasting.

You can establish and measure overall work capacity and compare established capacity with the amount of work you want done. Established capacity is defined by work center calendars and employee and machine efficiencies, and the work you want done is defined by routing times, manufacturing order requirements, and other specifications.

The Engineering Change Manager enables you to collect, organize, and review changes to orders before they are authorized. Adjust processes and components to accommodate new technologies and customer changes, and ensure that changes are strategically sound before they are released to the shop floor.

Capture and consolidate all job costings in one location as they occur, giving you a comprehensive view of production profitability. Design and refine processes to test the quality of incoming raw materials to meet your manufacturing process. Flexible reporting enables you to give suppliers and customers customized information on quality assurance testing for the products you manufacture.

The Manufacturing Suite is tightly integrated with the rest of Microsoft Dynamics GP, and you can incorporate information from other modules such as Inventory Control, Bill of Materials, Routings, and Sales Order Processing, to generate manufacturing orders for configured items. And the sales forecasting tool enables you to create forecasts for a range of items or salespeople and to combine these forecasts into a master forecast. Materials requirements planning can automatically reflect sales forecasts and current sales orders.

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