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Purchase Order Generator for Microsoft Dynamics GP

December 14, 2014 8:19 am Published by

The Purchase Order Generator for Microsoft Dynamics GP enables you to automate purchasing processes by generating a suggested purchase order (PO), with order point or minimum/maximum settings that determine quantities needed based on purchasing, sales, and inventory data. The Purchase Order Generator is seamlessly integrated with the rest of Microsoft Dynamics GP, including the General Ledger, Inventory Control, Receivables Management, and Purchase Order Processing modules.

The Purchase Order Generator is a real time saver, and it’s easy to use. For example, let’s say you want Microsoft Dynamics GP to suggest, and even create, purchase orders based on desired stock levels. You can set this automation up in three simple steps.

First, set your desired stock levels. Open the Item Resource Planning window (Cards > Inventory > Item Resource Planning), and specify reorder information for a specific item/site combination, including an order point quantity and/or an “order up to” level. For each item/site combination, you can choose to replenish to either the order point quantity or the “order up to” level. Set the Order Policy to “Use PO Gen.”

Next you set up your PO generation item settings. Open the Purchase Order Generator Item Maintenance window (Cards > Inventory > Item Resource Planning Maintenance > PO Gen Item button). There are a lot of options here for customizing your purchase order generation exactly how you want it. Some of the settings you can make here include order method, replenishment level, vendor selection, and much more. You can also use the Mass Update button to specify your settings for a range of items, sites, item classes, and generic descriptions.

And the third step is to actually generate your suggested purchase orders and see how easy it is. Just open the Purchase Order Generator (Transactions > Purchasing > Purchase Order Generator), enter a range of items, sites, buyers, vendors, or item classes, and then click “Suggest Purchase Orders.” You’ll get a list of suggested purchase orders based on the settings you’ve made.
Imagine how much more you’ll get done with all the time you’ll be saving.

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