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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 Is Now Available!

June 8, 2015 9:40 am Published by

The half-year wait has finally come to an end: the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, was released last week. Of course, it wasn’t much of a wait: remember when major releases came out once a year at most? Now Microsoft delivers major updates to Microsoft Dynamics GP twice a year, so it’s always evolving.

The updates and new functionality are focused on improved ease of use, faster deployment, and deeper interoperability with Microsoft Azure. We’ve been looking at some of the many new features that are delivered with this release, and in previous entries, we’ve covered the following new features:

  • All-in-one document viewer for purchasing that displays all purchasing documents for a specific vendor in one view
  • Payables transaction approval workflow
  • Employee self-service access to their W2
  • Scriptable provisioning and management
  • Analytical accounting transaction lists
  • Self service user tasks and roles
  • SmartList Designer SQL view
  • SmartList Designer view workflow type

In addition, visual indicators have been added so as to easily identify customers that have exceeded their credit limit. New scripts and utilities enable simplified Microsoft Azure deployment, as automatic provisioning of Microsoft Dynamics GP instances on Microsoft Azure are facilitated. Coming soon is the Time Management app in Windows, Android, and Apple stores. This companion app will enable users to manage and report their time off with an easy-to-use mobile solution.

So the roughly 47,000 organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics GP around the globe have just seen the best business management solution for small to midsize companies get that much better. Time for you to get on the bandwagon and find out what all the buzz is about?

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