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Microsoft Dynamics GP: Easy to Use

February 10, 2015 9:05 am Published by

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive and very complex business management solution for small to medium sized organizations, but it is easy to learn and easy to use. The layout and navigation are clear and intuitive, and if you’ve used any Microsoft Office software, you’ll almost feel like you’ve used it before the very first time you log in!

Opening Microsoft Dynamics GP is as easy as double-clicking the “GP” icon on your desktop. If the icon is not on your desktop, open your Start menu, select Programs, then Microsoft Dynamics. Right-click on “GP” and select “Pin to Start Menu,” and it will be easily found on your Start Menu from now on. Double-clicking on the icon on your desktop or clicking “GP” from the Start Menu launches the solution.

The first time you log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’ll type in the user name and password that was given to you by your system administrator. You’ll then be asked to change your password. Now you’re the only one who knows it!

Next you’ll see the Company Login window, where you select one of the companies you have access to. Microsoft Dynamics GP is role-tailored, so you’ll only see the tools, screens, reports, data, and even down to the field level, that you need access to for your role in the organization. As such, the first time you log in, you’ll see a Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics GP screen, where you can select an industry and a role. Your home screen will be preconfigured so that it is tailored to your industry and role. You can, of course, personalize and customize it further to your own personal wants and needs.

At the top of your home screen is a toolbar. At the left is a Microsoft Office Outlook style “wonder bar” and navigation pane. Most of the screen is devoted to your customizable home page, where you’ll see displayed things like your “To Do” list, links that you frequently use, and reports you have subscribed to.

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