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Microsoft Dynamics GP Turns Business Data Into Business Insight

January 30, 2015 10:03 am Published by

A basic understanding of your business data is essential to the success of your organization. But when you can clearly see patterns and predict trends, that is even more valuable, because then you can plan strategies that address future business challenges. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers charts, reports, and ad hoc analysis that give you a quick visual understanding of your business and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is role-tailored, meaning that users work within a role center that is personalized to fit the way they like and need to do their jobs. Rather than sifting through endless data, they see views that are filtered to the context of the tasks they are working on. It’s the information they need, when they need it. This reduces the number of steps it takes to perform daily processes.

Business Analyzer gives employees who are not daily users of Microsoft Dynamics GP access to valuable charts and graphs that they can explore interactively, and take actions based on a deeper understanding of business trends and issues. Microsoft Dynamics GP also provides hundreds of predefined, built-in reports that help people who run the business make better decisions faster.

Standard charts and reports show business information such as profitability, yearly revenue, or costs, but you need more than historical results. You need access to information and visualizations that help you find answers to important, specific questions—answers that will help you run your business better, such as the reason a certain product’s sales have declined, or why performance in a given region is consistently higher.

Together with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you simple but powerful analytical capabilities. You can leverage historical data and analytical tools to get forward-thinking insight, turning your data into knowledge that drives your business forward. Your people will work more efficiently, make faster fact-based decisions, and prevent potential problems before they become problems.

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