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New Benefit Self Service Features For Dynamics GP 2015 Part 3

March 20, 2015 3:21 pm Published by

In our last couple of entries, we have been discussing how the benefit self service functionality has been completely redesigned for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, making it easier to use and more flexible. We listed some of the new capabilities, such as an improved benefit enrollment period and the ability to attach notes to enrollment processes, and we looked at the improved flexibility in the setup of employee benefit self service for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Today we’ll look at what it’s like for employees to use the benefit self service functionality.

To use the benefit self service functionality, an employee goes to HR & Payroll, then simply clicks “Benefits Enrollment” in the navigation pane to the left. You’ll see the start date and end date for the open enrollment period, and if it is open, you can enroll or modify selections. You can view detailed information at any time. You can also print your information and bring it home.

When enrolling, there is a lot of information your employees can fill in, such as information on their dependents, and that can save your HR department a lot of time. An employee can click on a Notes icon to read notes that help them to fill out the form, or to access any attachments such as guides to the offered plan options or to the process. When you are finished, simply click the “Submit” button. The system will validate your submission to ensure that you have not made any errors. Once you have submitted, you cannot modify any of your selections. However, an administrator can open the enrollment back up or return it to an employee to make adjustments.

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