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New Benefit Self Service Features For Dynamics GP 2015 Part 2

March 19, 2015 4:16 pm Published by

In our last entry, we were discussing how the benefit self service functionality has been completely redesigned for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, making it easier to use and more flexible. We listed some of the new capabilities, such as an improved benefit enrollment period and the ability to attach notes to enrollment processes. Today we’ll take a closer look at the improved flexibility in the setup of employee benefit self service for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

Many new setup options have been introduced for benefit self service in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015:

  • Benefit Attributes: A new setup window. These attributes help you to collect information from your employees concerning their benefits. You can define whatever attributes you want depending on what you want to keep track of.
  • Plan Options: You create whatever plan options you want to provide (such as “whole family” or “self only”).
  • Plan Benefits: All the benefits you offer to employees. These can be linked to Human Resources or simply to Payroll. You can add notes here that employees will see when they go through open enrollment, and you can attach documentation as well.
  • Packages: Where benefit packages are created.
  • Eligibility Rules: Where you determine who gets what benefit plans and options. For example, if your full time and part time employees qualify for different benefits and benefit plans, the benefits they qualify for are the only ones they will see during open enrollment.
  • Enrollments: You can choose your dates for open enrollment here. The system is more flexible now, so you can have your 401k plan be open all year, for example, but your health insurance enrollment open for one month.

These new setup options add flexibility to the creation of your open enrollment processes so that you can more easily tailor them to the unique needs of your organization.

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