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New Benefit Self Service Features For Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

March 17, 2015 8:19 am Published by

The benefit self service functionality has been completely redesigned for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, a result of Microsoft listening to what its users wanted. One change is that the Human Resources Management module is no longer required: you can link directly to Payroll. The integration with Microsoft Excel is also easier. And there are many more changes, including the following:

  • You can add validations to state that users enroll in a plan prior to enrolling in a higher plan.
  • Improved benefit enrollment period.
  • You can separate out your enrollment, so that you can have separate health, eye care, dental, etc.
  • You can attach multiple documents to a benefit, including pdf and Word documents.
  • You can return a benefit enrollment for editing.
  • Notes can be attached to enrollment processes.
  • You can put deductions and health insurance codes in whatever order you want.
  • More flexible during the posting process.

Bottom line: the new benefit self service functionality is simpler and more flexible. And now it is all found in Microsoft Dynamics GP itself. To use the new self service, each employee that is going to use it must be set up as a user, and linked to that user. You would also need to use the Extended Payroll/HR Pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

An employee with a limited or self service user license can go to employee self service tools by simply clicking the Cards option at the top of the window. Here are the timecards that can be submitted, and a user can also update direct deposit information and view pay stubs and benefits, as well as view or update the user’s profile.

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