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Sales Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics GP

July 21, 2014 7:27 am Published by

The Extended Pack edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers powerful manufacturing management solutions, including sales forecasting and master production scheduling. Bridge communication gaps between your sales teams and manufacturing managers and promote effective, efficient product delivery. Maintain an unlimited number of forecasts so both sales and manufacturing managers can gauge the impact of a variety of economic or environmental forces on production and prepare for possible scenarios ahead of time.

With the sales forecasting tools in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can create projections of expected sales in the future. The projections can include estimates for one or more sales people and for one or more products. These projections can then be applied to product manufacturing schedules by using the Master Production Scheduling (MPS) module in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Master Production Scheduling module gathers information from sales forecasts to form a single, comprehensive production schedule and automatically create manufacturing orders.

The Master Production Scheduling module can obtain information from a sales forecast, or the data can be entered manually. A master production plan identifies production requirements for an item, based on sales projections or based on previous performance for that item. A Master Production Scheduling plan can cover a period as short as one day or as long as several years, and a plan can be adjusted to reflect changes in requirements.

Note that the Material Requirement Planning module for Microsoft Dynamics GP reads sales forecasting data, but it does not read Master Production Scheduling data. The Material Requirement Planning module uses sales forecasting data to suggest manufacturing orders. Manufacturing orders are not created directly from sales forecasts.

Sales forecasting can be used for Buy items and for Make items, but Master Production Scheduling can only be used for Make items. And while you cannot create manufacturing orders directly from sales forecasting, you can create manufacturing orders from the Master Production Scheduling window.

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