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Cash Accounting for Microsoft Dynamics SL

December 24, 2014 8:51 am Published by

You can put perfect precision into your cash accounting, get instant access to your cash balance, and automate bank reconciliation processes with the Cash Manager module for Microsoft Dynamics SL. Cash Manager comes with the Advanced Management edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL, or a la carte. It is tightly integrated with the other modules in Microsoft Dynamics SL, and it is automatically updated when other modules are.

Cash Manager is easily tailored to suit your specific business needs. You can define various default values, selection options, and controls, including general ledger posting options, data retention requirements, and entry of cleared amounts or transactions during reconciliation. You can also set up items that affect future cash balances to increase the accuracy of your cash flow projections.

Take control of account data. Access up-to-the-minute cash balance information instantly while entering transactions. Track cash in the bank. Transfer funds between differing cash accounts quickly and easily. Manage your money effectively while accurately displaying critical information at a moment’s notice.

Simplify the process of bank reconciliation, tailored to your schedule and your business demands. Assemble daily cash balances from subsidiary databases into a consolidated database, so cash account balances for the entire organization can be viewed in one application.

You can designate accounts as active or inactive, control the status of transaction batches, and determine which accounts and transaction types are valid. All transactions that affect cash are tracked, giving you a complete audit trail. You can mine audit trail data for any cash management transaction using a variety of standard reports and extensive reporting options. You can also print automatic batch control reports for all entries.

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